a runner's podcast

Meet the Hosts.

Ten Junk Miles is meant to be a companion to you as you run. Think of us as your running partners on days when you just need some friends to get you out on an easy run. 


Scott Kummer

Scott Kummer is an attorney, doberman owner and quite possibly the most painstakingly average runner known to man. Scott has stumbled through numerous plus 4 and 5 hour marathons. He's DNF'ed the 150 mile, 100 mile, 50 mile and marathon distance. He was once kicked out of an ultra running group due to allegations of cyber-bullying. He has a habit of offending people by accident while trying to help them. He is a co-founder of the Flatlander Ultrarunners in Chicagoland which has rapidly grown to over 1,100 members. He came up with the idea for Ten Junk Miles after becoming frustrated with hearing interview after interview of Scott Jurek and deciding that runners needed more: more discussions of bathroom breaks that went wrong, pacer stories from hell, DNF reports, stories of getting lost on the trail and other related matters. 


Holly Lindroth

Holly Lindroth is a tumbler/equestrian that turned to trail running as a remedy for PT training. She isn’t afraid to tackle any challenge and she’s always making sure you’re not getting beer.  She’s the girl next door of our show.  New to ultra running, eyes wide open, credit card writing checks on UltraSignup that she hopes deep in her heart won’t bounce.  We expect great things from Holly, and in the interim she’ll be glad to crew and pace you, keeping your head and heart in the game (also available: tenjunkmiles@gmail.com).

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Rachel Ingel

Rachel Ingle is part Facebook Goddess, part super-mom, part demi-douchess.  She’s had almost every job imaginable and ran fast marathons, Ironmans and 5K’s before finding her way out of RunningFit and onto the trails.  She occasionally let’s her daughter co-host.  Her pets seldom get along.  She had some tough shoes to fill after three female hosts bailed on the gang and she held her own.  She’s now the speedster of the group and the voice of reason.  She gives the kudos but her SM is limited to the gram for confidential reasons.  We’re sure Imogen will take her place someday, till then, she’s on the couch with a beer cracking wise.


Adam Benkers

Adam Benkers has lived in three states in the last five years.  He’s raised three kids.  He can eat an entire jar of peanut butter in one sitting.  He once took second-place in a Super Mario Brothers tournament. He went from serving pies to serving up lightning fast ultra distances while fending off his lawyer-wife by out arguing her so much that he needed to dominate a new one, and hence, Scotty.  He’s a solid runner that’s done everything from a blazing fast 5K to 100 miles.  He’s also run a sub 24 hour 100, and finished the 3 Days of Syllamo Stage Race, twice.  He’s the Mayor McCheese of the podcast.  Dad-like.  All-knowing.  Ever keto.  Seldom phased.  He’s only cried once in the last ten years (Thanks Brene Brown) but it’s not because he doesn’t have as much heart as the rest of us.  He’s the captain of the ship and the engineer of the train.  He keeps us on topic. 


Samantha Turco

Who the fuck is Sam Turco? After alienating two (2) different female co-hosts, the guys put bras on their heads, got out the chemistry set and created Sam Turco through some weird science. They even created her rather unusual running resume (once made it all the way to mile 4 in a 100 mile race) and her taste in music (namely classic rock). Of course she's into dad bod. Her trail name is #JailBait and she's a recovering vegan. Once she's gone it's nothing but meat in this show, so let's all pray she holds on loosely.