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We love to run in clothing by Path Projects.  Happy to test items for them and we might just buy a thing or two when they aren’t looking.




If you’re not rocking Fitsok—you should be! Made in the USA, these high performance socks are our go-to for winter ultras (we love the CF2 Crew Style), rugged trails, or a few junk miles.



We’re always looking ways to stay healthy for our next run, and Hemp Daddy’s CBD Oil helps us fight pain and inflammation—and it’s legal in all 50 states!


Me, You & 26.2: Coach Denise’s Guide to get YOU TO YOUR First Marathon

Through her own experience completing over 100 marathons and from transforming hundreds of first-timers into many-time marathoners, Coach Denise Sauriol, a.k.a., the Marathon Whisperer, equates training for a marathon to taking a class. Find her new book on amazon.com.


We keep our feet clean, dry and blister-free with Trail Toes Ultra Extreme Anti Friction Foot and Body Cream.  Slather some on your feet and save yourself some misery. 


Looking for a race? Chicago Lakefront is coming up on Saturday March 30, 2019 at 8:30 AM! The course is flat and fast, a great race for a first time ultrarunner or more seasoned runners too.  We’ll be there. Will you?


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