Badger Trail Race Official Rules

  1. All runners MUST check-in the morning of your race so that we know you have started the race and are on the course.  If you do not check-in, we will assume that you did not start and will list you as a DNS.

  2. Runner bib must be worn on the outer layer of clothing you are wearing.  Aid station volunteers need to know your number so they can check you in/out.  It is the runner’s responsibility to ensure that you have been checked into and out of each aid station.

  3. ABSOLUTELY NO LITTERING!  You will be disqualified if you, your crew or your pacers are caught littering.  In order to remain in good standing with our partners and host towns and ensure that the race can be permitted in future years, we must respect the course and the land it covers.  Besides, littering is unnecessary, annoying and downright lazy. Please pick up that top of your gel packet & banana peel. Both are litter.

  4. No aid is allowed from a moving bike/vehicle.

  5. Runners must follow the marked course at all times.  If you should inadvertently depart from the course, you must return to the point where you left the course and continue from there (i.e., no bushwacking and joining up with the course at a different location).

  6. Runners/crew may not stash supplies along the trail.

  7. Crew members, we love dogs.  But your dog must be kept on a leash at all times. Feel free to bring them to aid stations if they are on a leash and well behaved.

  8. All decisions of medical personnel or the aid station captain are final.

  9. Pacers are allowed for the 100, 100k and 50 Mile.

    A.  100 Mile pacer may join their runner at the Finish Line aid station (Belleville/Aid Station 8) the second time through (mile 40) or at any aid station allowing crew beyond that point.

    B. 100K pacer may join their runner at the halfway point in Orangeville, IL (Aid Station 6, Mile 31) or at any aid station allowing crew beyond that point.

    C. 50 Mile pacer may join their runner at mile 29.5 (Aid Station 4) or at any aid station allowing crew after that point.  

  10. Runners are allowed one pacer at a time, but may use as many total pacers as they wish (or as logistically possible, at least)(except for the last mile….make it a party).  Pacers are responsible for their transportation to and from each aid station. For example, if you are only pacing a section of the course when you are finished you need to organize a ride back to your car in advance.  Trail runners are nice. I'm sure someone will give you a lift.

  11. No muling. Runners must carry their own supplies and not use their pacer as a pack mule.  It's called "cheating."

  12. All parking signs must be followed. Some of the access to the aid stations are along winding country roads and parking is limited.  Please use common sense when parking and do not block anyone in.

  13. If you decide to drop from the race, make certain that proper procedures are followed: THE RUNNER OR CREW MUST NOTIFY RACE PERSONNEL AT ONCE AT THE CLOSEST AID STATION. This policy is for your safety. We want to keep track of our runners along the course. Failure to notify race management of your drop will disqualify you from future editions.

  14. Supplies used for drop bags must be in a durable bag, clearly marked with the runners bib number and the station to which it is to be delivered.  Please keep the size of drop bags reasonably. Most drop bags will be returned to the finish line by noon on Sunday. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST, STOLEN OR FORGOTTEN ARTICLES. ARRANGEMENTS MUST BE MADE IN ADVANCE FOR RETURN OF ANY ITEMS NOT PICKED UP ON SUNDAY.

  15. Abuse of volunteers, crews, or anyone associated with the race there to assist you in completing this race will not be tolerated.  This includes physical as well as verbal. There is never an excuse to treat people poorly that are out there for YOU at all hours of the day and night.  YOU paid to do this. Please be nice to everyone as volunteers are such an important part of ultrarunning. We need them. Please make sure to thank them and help them have as much fun as possible.  99% of runners understand this and are baffled that this even needs to be written but with each race I'm sure we've all heard stories of the runners that are feeling really down and take it out on the last person they should--the volunteer.  

  16. Cut off times are enforced as 'outward bound' times from each aid station. You need to have left the aid station by the posted cut off time. Arguing with volunteers or otherwise trying to convince them of letting you continue is inappropriate. Cut off times are strictly enforced.

  17. Running is fun.  Keep telling yourself that and enjoy the trip.  We know this is going to be an adventure for sure!