A Runner's Podcast

Show History. 

Below is a handy timeline of the least important events in TJM history, in case you want to skip all prior episodes and feel up to date.


January 7, 2015

It is -7 degrees outside in Chicago. As such, Cory Feign and Scott Kummer randomly decide to take a run along the Chicago Lakefront. After an hour they start to enjoy it. Scott tells Cory about an idea he has for a podcast inspired by the types of conversations regular runners have while running together. Cory tells Scott he's a moron for not saying something sooner and they immediately decide to start a podcast. After getting warm.


March 15, 2015

Episode 1 is released on iTunes. The sound quality is very similar to a 6th grade science project, but the content is amazing. Aaron refers to "Little Kim" for the first time. Racine drops the first "F-Bomb" in show history. Little do they know, but mediocrity has been pushed in an entirely new direction. The feedback is immediately overwhelmingly positive.


 March 16, 2015

The legendary Episode 2 is recorded with Tony Weyers and special Skype guest Eric Scocaj. All sound issues are resolved. The content takes off in an entirely new direction. A precedent is set by the guest bringing gifts to each of the hosts. This remains the best piece of podcasting the gang has done to date. A masterpiece.


May 27, 2015

The first reference is made to the "Clamato Incident." The Clamato is then brought up in 98% of all future episodes. While some fans strongly dislike the Clamato references, others completely hate them. The gang continues to bring it up in every fucking episiode anyway. A sub-reddit called "Clamato Megathread" follows.


September 14, 2015

In Episode 13, The gang decides it is a good idea to taste test potato chips during the podcast, creating international controversy. There is no issue that polarizes Ten Junk Miles listeners more than whether they liked or disliked the potato chip episode.


October 14, 2015

Cory Feign leaves the show and moves on to a life of bananas and mountains in Boulder, CO. He is replaced by Tony Silvestri, who has not stopped talking since.


December 13, 2015

The Shark is officially jumped when the gang get blackout drunk with celebrity pacer Dusty Olson. He reveals the secret to opening a beer with a iPhone. He confesses that Jenn Shetlon broke his heart. It becomes clear that Scott Jurek won't touch this podcast with a ten foot pole. No arrests made, but it was touch and go for a while and no cease and desist letters have been recieved.


March 6, 2016

Scotty decides what the podcast really needs is more of him, so he starts interviewing obscure trail and ultra people that most of the listeners have never heard of. For no apparent reason. No one listens to them, but no one has the heart to make it stop. People start skipping every other episode.


March 26, 2016

Amy advises the gang that the podcast is too controversial and negative for her but recommends her friend, Sam Turco to take her place. The gang decides that it probably makes sense to take the recommendation of the person that quit, so they enlist her. Sam proceeds to advise the gang that she DNF'ed a 100 mile race at mile 4. They unanimously agree she should fit in just fine (for now). (NOTE: yes, they realize that this endless coming and going of female guest hosts eerily resembles their experiences at the Fleet Feet fun runs).